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"As Evie, Kenney takes full charge of the drama's dynamics, using her body as an infuriated force of nature.  She gives a wild and whacky depiction of hostility."

                                  ~ Simon Saltzman, Curtain Up

"Kate Kenney brilliantly brings to life this adolescent who believes herself both omnipotent and omniscient."

                                  ~ Peter Filichia, The Star Ledger

"Kenney brings out the complexities of a young girl who is simultaneously psychopathic and intelligent."

                                  ~Bob Rendell,

"Ms. Kenney has strong moments and conveys teenage disdain particularly well."

                                  ~ Anita Gates, The New York Times

"Kenney gives the drama it's central focus and boundless energy."

                                  ~RRobert Daniels, Variety



"Kate Kenney bridged the gap from in-love to insanity without skipping a beat--and her real tears touched much of the audience deeply."

                                        ~ Cassandra Bush, The Bridge

"The two women were also incredibly strong.  Kate Kenney's deeply felt Ophelia made the transition from charmed lover, then baffled and hurt by Hamlet's rejection. Finally, Ophelia's "mad scene" was truly heart-wrenching."

                                        ~ Jim Lowe, The Times Argus

"Special attention must also go to Ophelia, portrayed by Kate Kenney. The sparkle and life in her character at the beginning only made her confusion and resulting madness all the more painful."

                     ~ Charlie McMeekin, The Herald


"Kate Kenney has a wonderful time as Cecily, enjoying every moment of her character's hilarious mash-up of innocence and self-consciousness.  Kenney has a lovely touch with Wilde's mix of ardor and gentility, and works real magic on the stage."

                                    ~ Alex Brown, The Bridge

"Kate Kenney's a perfect mix of that innocence and canniness that makes young women so attractive and dangerous."

                              ~ Jim Lowe, The Times Argus

"Kate Kenney marvelously conjured Cecily's willfulness and changeability."

                            ~ Elisabeth Crean, Seven Days


"Kate Kenney is riveting...." 

                      ~ Marjorie Drysdale, The Randolph Herald

"At the core of the production [was] the unusually convincing performance of Annie by Kate Kenney...[her and Helen's] physical fights were so authentic-looking that it became downright scary."

                          ~ Jim Lowe, The Times Argus


"As Abby, Kate Kenney does well. She's the pert but centered young literary maven when she's first introduced, but by the end of the play she must age considerably.  Kenney achieves that most convincingly."

                                 ~ Peter Filichia, The Star Ledger

"Kenney is convincing as the cynical intellectual..."

                                 ~ William Westhoven, The Daily Record

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