EVIE'S WALTZ                                                                                                         Kate Kenney as Evie                                   

"Are we going to talk about the gun or not?"

"Of course when she starts in on that crap she's usually full throttle on the back-in-my-day-booze-cruise."

"He's watching us through the scope on my father's old hunting rifle."


"So the stinging in the eyes, would that be the gin or the tonic?"

"She had the rifle pointed at him, and she was drunk----so bad thing is all I'm saying."

"Maybe I'm just the "effect" that all you "causes" don't want to own up to."

"He never feels like a bad-guy-killer-type, but more like a good-guy-soldier-of-humanity-type."

"You should be afraid, because bad things have been happening to your son!"

"Once you've got the gun in your hand it's only a knee jerk away."

"We've been dancing the whole time, haven't we Danny?"

"And with the final steps of the dance..."